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8 Top Tips for Searching for Wedding Reception Venues

Looking at wedding reception venues and trying to find the perfect one for you can seem a daunting task when you first get engaged. We have put together a top 8 tips list to guide you through the forest of ideas and options.


Consider how many people you are looking to have for your reception. Will it the ceremony and reception be the same? Are you going to invite people later in the evening for drinks and a party? The first filter you should put on when searching through wedding reception venues is the number of guests that the venue can accommodate for the ceremony and wedding party. You need to make sure you know what numbers you need for a seated meal and standing as the space will need to vary depending on the private dining style of the set-up you are going for.


If you have already booked your church or wedding venue for your civil ceremony, then would you like guests to walk from there or are you happy they drive, jump on public transport, or you put on transport? If you give yourself a radius of how far you are happy for your guests to travel from the ceremony, then you will again have narrowed down your search to make it easier. Don’t be too put off though by guests having to travel a little (this will be normal if you choose a wedding venue in Central London). That journey with friends and other wedding guests can often be fun and a chance to catch up before the wedding ceremony and reception.


Each unique venue will have different configurations in terms of rooms and spaces that you can use for your perfect day; so if there are specific things that are very important to you, like the drinks reception being in a separate room to where the meal is served, or if you are having dancing that there is a quieter room for those that don’t want to dance, then again do talk to the venues about what spaces are available to use to make sure the set-up works for you. It is also worth having a list of things that are most important to you and give this to the shortlisted venues as there may well be solutions that aren’t immediately obvious to you but that the venue can recommend for a perfect wedding.


Do you have a style in mind for your special day? The venue can always represent the theme or feel that you are looking for. If you want a contemporary styled wedding, then there are some great galleries, modern and quirky venues available to hire for wedding receptions. However, if you want something more traditional, then there are some stunning wood-panelled venues with sweeping staircases and grand chandeliers. Have a think about what might best suit you and your partner in terms of representing you and the day you want.


Every venue will have private dining caterers that they regularly work with and can recommend to you. Some will have one caterer which means they are absolute experts on the event venue and will have a team dedicated to you and your wedding day. We would always recommend that when you are looking to make a decision, that you have a conversation with them to discuss your thoughts for the menu to ensure they will produce exactly what you are looking for. They should be flexible and willing to do this. If you have a caterer that you feel you absolutely must use for your special day, then you will need to be very upfront with the venue from the start because for some it will be an absolute no; so, it is better to know from the start.


Are you looking for the caterer to provide the drinks for your event or are you wanting to bring your own in? Typically, people believe that bringing in their own will be the best option in terms of cost and ease, but the logistics and ordering can become tricky and cause the couple additional stress close to the day that they don’t need. If the caterer takes care of it all, then you can simply tell them what you want available and leave for them to get it there, chill, serve, stock the right amounts and take away again at the end of the night. The logistics of the end of the night or the next day are not hugely considered sometimes, but we would recommend that anything that makes that next day simpler is going to a positive.

7.Outside space

Particularly if you are having a summer wedding, would you like an event venue with some outside space? We can never be sure what the weather will bring, but on the majority of days there will be a chance for guests to enjoy a garden or outside space. It brings another element to your wedding ceremony, for your guests and for your photographs. There are some beautiful outside spaces available with hire of venues so it might be another criteria to consider on your search. We would advise that you always have a wet weather back-up, whether that is a room inside or a cover for your outside area.


Each wedding venue will have their own policy on suppliers for the food, entertainment, flowers, photographers and anything else coming in for your day. If they have a suppliers list, then these will be the most knowledgeable people about the venue and what works well in the space. They will also know exactly what the venue needs from them, so you don’t have to get involved with this at all. If the venue is relaxed about your suppliers coming in, you may need to support with the logistics a little for the set-up, but the venue will be able to tell you everything that they need from your suppliers prior to your wedding day.

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