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Picking a Great Private Dining Room

There are many restaurants where you can hire a private dining room which is usually a separated off area to the main restaurant, often by a curtain or perhaps a door. The private dining experience can feel exclusive and bring a sense of occasion to your event. It can be particularly good if you have confidential conversations to have or are just wanting your guests to feel extra special.

However, at a restaurant, you are always going to have a shared entrance and often go through the main floor to get to your dining area. We believe to exclusively hire a venue rather than a restaurant will give you an even better edge when entertaining guests. This will mean that you won’t see other customers, whether that is as you arrive, as you move around to use the facilities and if you want to use other spaces for things like drinks.

The Space is Truly Exclusive

If you hire a venue, you can have it all to yourselves. This often means you can use different areas for drinks and then dinner, plus it gives you an option for an after-dinner drinks area as well. As the venue space is exclusively yours, you can set it up as you want. Furniture, bars, sofa seating, styling and design can make the space exactly what you want and precisely how you would like it to flow. Should you want to do some branding or share some information, as the space is yours, you can include this in any or all areas you have hired. This gives you total flexibility and exclusivity, which is something that is bound to impress your guests you have invited.

Salters’ Hall can offer you a beautiful private dining room in London that you can hire exclusively. The room is located on the sixth floor and originally was the ladies’ dining room, which is decorated in rich plum and deep purple colours, finished in rosewood. This is an excellent space for high-end dining or indeed smaller meetings and events.

Select a Menu That Works for Your Guests

You can talk to the caterers for the venue and find the ideal dishes for your guests rather than having to select from a restaurant menu. The caterers can help advise for the numbers, type of guest and occasion and advise you what they have found in their experience has gone down really well, although you might have a firm favourite that you would like to serve. They are also just as happy to listen to your desires for your event and bespoke a menu just for you. They are very used to working with numerous dietary requirements to ensure that everyone gets a delicious meal but also fulfils their needs and requirements. The way the food is served can also be discussed using different plate ware, service equipment and styling on the plate itself.

Not Limited to a Restaurant Drinks List

Similarly, to the menus, with an exclusive venue, you can serve whatever you like in terms of drinks in the dining room. Should you want a cocktail bar with all the delicious options that you might get in any stylish cocktail bar, then that can be arranged. Any type of wine, beer or spirit can also be sourced to have available on the night for guests. Anything can be delivered for your event as long as it is discussed before the event and booked in. Why not consider a range of digestifs or some dessert cocktails to delight your guests at the end of the night? This will give you flexibility on wines as well as finding the perfect combination with your designed menu.

Often Venues Have a Point of Interest

If you choose to have an exclusive venue for your event, these venues are often not first and foremost an events venue and have another core purpose. This can often be a great point of interest and a draw to hosting your event there. Many venues have curators or others working there that would be delighted to offer your guests a tour, a talk or just be there to mingle with guests while they have their arrival drink. Many of these venues have fascinating artefacts at them, a lot of history and tales to be told which really engage guests right from the start of the evening. This can be an excellent way to break the ice if guests do not know each other.

Introduce People to Somewhere They May Not Know

Securing guest attendance to events can sometimes be a challenge, particularly with those that are entertained or entertain themselves very regularly. It makes the venue selection very important so that you get them excited about wanting to attend your event. There are many unique venues with great dining room spaces for hire which many people won’t know about and perhaps didn’t even know you could host events at. If you use these venues, then you are sure to get great engagement from invitees as they are curious to see the venue and experience the opportunity for private hire.

  • Posted on: 28/01/2020
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